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WOW – I was looking everywhere for a Santa Cruz Homer found it on your site. I didn’t understand getting sent to the amazon check-out but i was pretty easy and iIgot my stuff pretty quick
Mark Da' Shark, Canton, Ohio
thank-you for my new deck and bearings I saket at Kona but we only have the kona pro shop and the don’t have the Sector 9 I wanted cause they dont want you to longboard there so my mon found you guys!
Agustin, Jacksonville, Florida

The Top Skateboard Brands of 2014

Girl Skatedecks

The crew from Girl are at the top of the list of skate brands for 2013. It’s Girl Skate Decks We Love our GIRL deck! ,now you van skate like a girl.

Indpendent trucks

Independent Trucks where the number one selling truck of 2014 and probably the best selling truck of all time. Get your at Better Skateboarding for cheap.Shop INDY
Ka-Pow! – Spitfire Wheels will round up the top three in the Skateboard Wheel Division . Making Better Wheels than anyone Congrats! Spitfire Check out the cheap prices on Spitefire Wheels